From a painting of about 1430 by Carlo Crivelli in the Petit Palais:

From a torn poster in a backstreet:

Another hexagon

When you cycle, or hike, and sleep somewhere different every night you can’t carry books around with you – short of having a long line of camels following behind you.

But one of the pleasures of the web age is that you can have some sort of free(-ish) portable entertainment wherever you go. I’ve been reading a BBC feature which I’ve never seen in the UK, and which is packed full of sample-size culture:


I particularly like this one:


Le Comptoir Amélie

I’m staying at an Ibis hotel in Montlucon. The restaurant is all faux-French, called Le Comptoir Amélie.

As I approached the hotel I could see three good-looking young women sitting on the step outside, having a fag, and I heard one say to the other ‘Tiens, en voilà un autre’ – ´look, here comes another one’.

Turns out they were the receptionist and the waitresses.

The hotel is full of men, no women guests as far as I can tell, and le Comptoir Amelie had an extremely masculine atmosphere, more like the truck-drivers’ restaurant in a motorway service station.

I think the staff have given up pretending to be Amélie.